Lifa HepaClean 1100

HepaClean 1100
HepaClean 1100 is a negative air machine manufactured for small spaces. Because the machine is compact and lightweight it’s easily transferable. HepaClean 1100 is certified for asbestos demolition work. Creating negative pressure in to the ventilation ducts, while cleaning, is also possible with this machine. HepaClean 1100 is very effective despite the size of the machine.
Airflow max(w/o filters)
1100 m3/h (650 CFM)
HEPA 13 
700 m3/h (410 CFM)
F7 bag filter 
Operating voltage
200-240 VAC, 1~  50/60 Hz
EC-motor power 
0,17 kW / 1,5-1,25 A
Electric cable
3 m (10 ft)
Measurements (mm)
L665 (26.2")
H410 (16.1")
W380 (15")
Weight (w/o filter)
16 kg (35 lbs)
Painted steel
Readily assembled
Lifting handle
Machine's equipment
Linear airflow control, connection studs: Ø254mm (10") in, Ø300mm (12") out