Lifa Special Cleaner 25 Multi

Special Cleaner 25 Multi
Special Cleaner 25 Multi is a device manufactured for cleaning or coating air ducts.The device is medium sized and suitable for round and rectangular air ducts.The dirt and debris is mechanically brushed , thus dislodging it from the internal ductwork surface. It is also possible whilst cleaning the ductwork to blast it with compressed air too ,or even to internally coat the duct with approved spray coating liquids simultaneously. The device is easy to use and it has a very tough structure.This versatile device is also suitable for grease decontamination and removal, rather than simply  duct cleaning.


Operating power
Operating voltage and frequency
240 VAC (or 110-120 VAC), 1~, 50/60 Hz
0,75 kW (1.0 hp)
10 A
Max torque
5 Nm (3.7 ft·lb)
Brush connection
Brush size recommendation
250 – 700 mm (9.8 - 27.6")
Brush rotation speed
Continuous adjustment, 225-580 rpm
Rotation controls
Foot pedal, remote hand control (accessory)
Nozzle connection
Quick coupling
Air volume consumption
Nozzle type dependant
Measurements [mm]
H1290 (50.8")
L1100 (43.3")
W570 (22.4")
71 kg (157 lbs)
Cleaning shaft
25 m (82 ft.)
Y-gear, mechanical centering device, hand controller, spray bottle, nozzles